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Toronto Tunnel Explained – And the System Worked

We have an answer to the mystery of the Toronto tunnel. It wasn’t terrorists, or drug dealers, or some kind of human smuggling operation. It was just a couple of guys who felt like digging a big hole. Seriously. You can’t make this up.

I find this interesting as an illustration of criminal law because a lot of things could have gone very wrong here. The truth of the matter isn’t scarey, but a lot of the speculation was very, very serious indeed. Police investigated, determined the matter was innocent, and at most these two guys now face the possibility of some bylaw infraction for digging a really big hole on (in?) public land. They probably could have helped themselves even more if they had turned themselves in, but apparently even though police found them via tips of some kind common sense prevailed in the end.

It’s very scary when you find yourself the target of some investigation. The natural instinct to run and hide and hope no one finds you can be very strong. But truthfully, police aren’t incompetent and unless you’ve done a very good job of covering your tracks they are going to find you in the end. And if they know who you are, you can’t live the rest of your life hiding from the authorities. I mean, you can, but it’s going to be a very limited life. The better move, by far, is to control the story and deal with the legal situation you’re in. Even when it isn’t as completely innocent as in this case, you’re better off dealing with it than not. A lawyer can help with that. Give us a chance.

Just so we don’t get too complacent and congratulatory about this good news story, by the way, I am very glad police got it right in this case and these two innocent (though goofy) guys won’t face serious fallout in their lives. But let’s just remember they are lucky as hell they aren’t two innocent Muslims who just happened to want to dig a big hole. The story right now would be very different.

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