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Lawyer, University Lecturer, Writer, Corporate Director

Jeff Rybak

Jeff Rybak

I graduated from law school at the University of Toronto, where I also completed my bachelor and masters degrees in English. As an undergraduate, I spent three years representing students’ academic issues as their union executive. Advocating on behalf of students, and helping them with their academic appeals and misconduct proceedings, I found what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I like helping real people with real problems, and it doesn’t get more real than criminal defence.

I now teach part-time at the University of Toronto, at Rotman Commerce and in the Management Department at U of T Scarborough. I teach The Legal Environment of Business. This background in business law makes me particularly well-suited to charges relating to professional and financial misconduct.

My interest in post-secondary issues has never waned, and in 2007 I published a book titled What’s Wrong With University: And How to Make It Work For You Anyway (ECW Press). I believe that students who are experiencing problems in school need advice and better direction and not only a quick fix to their academic charge or petition. I’m pleased to help students rediscover their direction as well as help them solve their immediate problems.

In addition to my legal work, I serve on not-for-profit boards as a volunteer director and I’m involved in local politics. I’m grateful for my success, but I never forget where I came from. My grandparents were hard-working refugees who came to Canada following WW II, my parents were working class, and I paid my own way right through university and then law school. I like working with real people – even people who may have made some bad choices – and I believe very strongly in second chances.