• I represent clients accused in

    Criminal Matters

  • I get your life back on track with

    Parole Hearings and Appeals

  • I assist students with

    Academic Misconduct and Appeals

Jeff Rybak
Criminal Defence Lawyer (B.A., M.A., J.D.)
The Legal Professional You Deserve

When you've encountered legal trouble, you want a lawyer who takes your situation as seriously as you do. There is no such thing as a small legal problem, and you deserve an advocate who understands that. You also deserve to know what's happening at every stage of the process, and to get answers and information when you need them.

I practice criminal law, defending those accused of crimes and related offences. The stakes never get higher than that. From first appearance at bail court to the last details of your case, it's my job to ensure your rights are protected at every step. I also handle academic proceedings and appeals for students, which can feel very much like criminal prosecution.

If you have been charged with a crime and are at any stage in your proceedings, I can help. It may feel like you are short on options, but things can and will get better. If you or your child is caught up in administrative proceedings at school, I can help with that too. First consultation is free, and getting help will be the best decision you ever make.